Welcome Friend! Today is a gift. Today, there is breath in your lungs, a story to be lived out and a God who sees you, loves you, and holds nothing back from you. Today, heaven collides with your earthly moments and the God of the universe draws near to reveal Himself in your ordinary day.  Don’t miss Him.  Look expectantly. Live in assurance that God is WITH you!  Enjoy your visit!

If God gave you a second chance at life by surviving a near death experience TWICE, how would you view your days? Kelly shares out of her personal experience, life pictures of how Jesus truly is WITH US in all of our moments. The scripture teaches us to “number our days” so why do we find ourselves numbing our way through our day?

Through inspirational stories, biblical teaching, with vulnerability and a splash of humor, WITH US will inspire, encourage and dare you to look for Jesus in unexpected ways. Evidences of His presence and glimpses of His glory show up in some pretty peculiar places!

It’s time to wake up our souls to His promise that He indeed is WITH US! Every day!

What people are saying about “With Us”:

“I couldn’t get enough and couldn’t wait to read the next chapter. Witty, real and inspirational.”

“With Us” is a wakeup call for the soul that has been lulled to sleep by the inattentiveness to God’s presence in the everyday.”

“Kelly invites you through the eloquent art of real-life storytelling into a world where God’s fingerprints are evident everywhere if you are willing to look for them.”

Kelly Willie feels most like herself when she is sharing stories, laughing, singing, “sparkling” and sharing the love of Jesus with people. Kelly has been nominated by the Gospel Music Association for her work as a song writer and artist and she has recorded two original music projects in Nashville and she recently won the Christian Literary Award for best devotional in 2018.

Kelly currently serves as Founder and President of Kelly Willie Ministries, LLC, which has various branches of operations, including Kelly at THE WELL and Pairables by Kelly.  She is a wife and mom of two adult children and lives in Freeland, MD