About Kelly

I had an opportunity to meet with a well-established author who was kind enough to review the contents of my book, “With Us – Everyday Evidence of God’s Presence.”  He looked me square in the eye and said, “You are a parablist.” I had never been called that before but something in that identification stuck in my soul. I am my Father’s daughter after all and you know what they say how the apple doesn’t fall far from the Tree (yes, I used the capital “T” on purpose).

Jesus is the Master Parabalist. He loved to teach deep spiritual truths by using ordinary observances in everyday life to share a deep impactful spiritual truth. I love that about Him and love to do the same.

Through my book and ministry, I share personal experience of life pictures and point to how Jesus truly is “With Us” in all of our moments. Everyday there are precious gifts waiting to be unwrapped and everyday encounters with life and people are opportunities to see the face of God if we are willing to look with the wonder of a child and a heart of gratitude, holding out open hands for all that life brings our way.

Through inspirational stories, biblical teaching, with vulnerability and a splash of humor, “With Us” will inspire, encourage and dare you to look for Jesus in unexpected ways. Evidences of His presence, glimpses of His glory show up in some pretty peculiar places! From standing in line at Marshalls, tubing down the Brandywine river, dancing with whales or laying in a hospital bed Jesus is downright creative in the ways He fulfills His promise that He indeed is WITH US!

My simple daily prayer is, “Jesus, help me not miss you today and help me to see you are with me. Let Your love come to me and through me in the gift of this day.”


I feel most like myself when I am sharing stories, laughing, singing, and sharing the love of Jesus with people. I have been nominated by the Gospel Music Association for my work as a song writer and artist and I have recorded two original music projects in Nashville. My first book, “With Us – Everyday Evidence of God” won the Christian Literary Award in 2018 for best devotional category and the Readers Choice Award.  I am a wife and mom of two adult kids and reside in Freeland, MD.

My Life Mission Statement is: To impact, inspire and refresh others with the love of Christ AND help people grow in the awareness of God’s presence through contemplative, creative spiritual exercises.

Thank you for reading a little about me! I pray my life can be a blessing to yours!

All glory to God,